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The behaviour and attitudes of your CEO and senior executive team set the tone for the entire organisation.  

At Balkin Coaching, by building on your natural, talents I improve your performance as a leader.

My  leadership coaching is based on an in depth knowledge of leadership, wellbeing,  motivation, Emotional Intelligence and human behaviour in the workplace. I work in partnership with my clients to ensure they have the support and encouragement to change behaviours that are ineffective and ensure they achieve their own goals and those of their organisation. Through my evidenced based coaching approach I increase the likelihood that work is rewarding, challenging and energising for my clients and their teams. I believe that we spend so much time at work we should be inspired to achieve exceptional results for ourselves, teams, colleagues and stakeholders. 

Whilst each individual coaching program will be unique typically I provide coaching to senior executive teams, in the context of organisational change as a result of external pressures, a merger, or acquisition,  or when there are fundamental shifts in the focus of the business. These changes cause uncertainty and stress, and are the times when ironically wellbeing drops off the agenda. When businesses are in a state of flux the employees, customers and key stakeholders look to the executive team for guidance and leadership. Financial success is dependent on the executive's capacity to embrace change and harness the skills and expertise and motivation of their teams.  The 'soft skills' in particular wellbeing, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and empathy are critical. Executive Coaching enables each member of the senior executive, “go from good to great” and finesse the specific interpersonal skills necessary for their success. Finally  coaching involves the  identification of sources of on-going feedback and continuous learning to support long-term changes in behaviour.  

What happens in coaching? 

Coaching begins with an assessment of the gap in the leaders expertise, this involves: feedback from key stakeholders and when appropriate the use of personality, emotional intelligence and wellbeing assessments. 

Together we establish goals, that are aligned to strategic business objectives. 


The achievement of these goals involves, leveraging of strengths, increasing self-awareness, sourcing opportunities  to practice and then strategies to embed new behaviours in the workplace,  and identification of ongoing sources of feedback to monitor your progress and achievement.

My focus is on sustained behaviour change and I aim for major shifts in thinking and action, this often involves exploration of  your own values, vision and standards to ensure find alignment with the strategic goals of your organisations. 

With my support you will leverage off your strengths, and maintain the focus and motivation necessary when facing great opportunities or difficult challenges. 

In addition coaching allows you to observe your organisation and circumstances from the perspective of an outsider and when relevant, challenge your assumptions.

Typical Coaching engagements involve either:

  • The leadership team within a single organisation in the context of organisational growth, change, mergers or acquisitions.

  • Individual leaders across organisations, who are targeted for promotion or recognised as top talent or in critical roles.

Click here for examples of recent coaching projects:

Benefits of coaching:

Coaching is a unique personalised leadership and wellbeing solution that all leaders can believe in and benefit from rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.


In my experience, when used appropriately,  coaching can have many  of the following outcomes:

  • Retention of key staff

  • Increase commitment to and acceptance of organisational change 

  • Reduction in turnover

  • Improved performance and productivity

  • Enhanced organisational and personal wellbeing

  • Superior resilience

  • Sustained high performance

  • Stronger engagement

  • Decrease in interpersonal conflict and incivility

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