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  • Tamar Balkin

My Tips For Finishing The Year With A Bang

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

As I crossed George Street in the Sydney CBD yesterday and looked left, I realised that the light rail is actually progressing, instead of the typical vision of workers in bright yellow vests and dirty, there were shoppers, Christmas decorations and neat rail tracks. The light rail project is by no means completed, as many of you would know the view to my right was not identical to the picture above. However, this image enables me to picture what the remainder fo the project will look like and the long term positive impact it will have on the Sydney CBD. Much has been written about remaining motivated and focused during long disruptive and complex projects, and I will assume that December is not the month for a long blog post. Instead I shall leave you with some questions to ponder as you finish up for the year: Is there a large project that you want to still complete? How have you defined success? What do you need to do to ensure you maintain your accountability and focus? What aspects should be left to the New Year? How will you celebrate success? Whom do you need to thank for their contribution, in terms of hard work, and intellectual and moral support for this and other projects? How will you show your appreciation? When did you last pause while walking to a meeting or and event and just observe the city around you? Have a good rest of the week, those of you in Sydney enjoy our glorious sunshine.

Please contact me via phone or email if you want to discuss executive coaching for yourself or one of your employees, December is a great month to commence an executive coaching program.

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