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  • Tamar Balkin

How Do I Enhance Leadership And Wellbeing In Times Of Uncertainty ?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Readers may be aware that this week I hosted a virtual lunch where we discussed Enhancing Leadership Capability and Wellbeing during uncertain times. I was asked ot record the session and decided I would share it with you all.   (sorry for  the little jump in the editing at the beginning, I cut out the part where everyone introduced themselves)   Since I am constantly telling you to take a  lunch break, please take time in the next few days to:  

Don't forget to take some time to think about what you want to Start Stop and Continue doing to enhance your wellbeing and leadership during times of uncertainty. Here are the  'show notes', that I referenced in the webinar. Relevant blogs  what is the secret to increasing motivation not another meeting I have no time for them does long term behavioural change have to be so difficult can reclaiming your lunch break-improve-your-wellbeing don't talk about feelings you will feel worse or better stop smell the roses and learn how to really experience leisure how can we all be more creative how do I gain a sense of control for myself and my team Practical Resources:  Relaxation techniques for The Third Space. Guided relaxation: sound cloud recordings  muscle breathing, imagery Weekly Prioritisation and Values worksheet A few on line exercise options:  Fit 1   Dave has been keeping me fit and strong for many years  Michael Gostelow Michael specialises in personal training with senior executives.  Pop Sugar Fitness (my teenage daughter told me its fun) 

I shall continue to blog on relevant topics.  Please do not hesitate to email  suggestions and requests. 

Extra reading/Watching: 

“10 ways to have a better conversations”.  

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