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  • Tamar Balkin

It's Movember, What Have You Done To Improve Men's Physical And Psychological Health?

It's Movember, what have you done or are doing improve men's physical and psychological health?

Click here to watch the hilarious 4 minute Moustache Song by The Fishin' Creek Bandits, in my opinion it's worth watching through to the end.


"Fewer than 1 in 30 men ate the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables in 2017-18"


As we emerge from our hibernation, it is perfect time to take stock of our physical and mental health, something that males are typically reluctant to do. Regular readers would know that for both physical and psychological illnesses:

  • Prevention is better than cure and;

  • Early intervention leads to improved diagnosis and treatment.


"Men monitor their own health and seek help when they think they need it, but they tend to take this important step later in the course of disease than women"


What can you do?

Quite simply it is incumbent on everyone to proactively look after their own physical and mental health and encourage others to do the same. In your personal life: Make an appointment to see your Doctor (GP) this week for your annual check up. If you do not have a regular Doctor, now is an excellent time to find one. In the workplace:

  • Encourage your your staff colleagues and peers to go to the Doctor for a check up.

  • Catch up with those you have seen for a while.

  • Create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace

  • Take active steps to reduce the stigma of mental health at work

  • Reduce the fear of seeking medical treatment

  • Be openly proactive in regards to your physical and psychological health and encourage your staff colleagues and peers to do the same.

What are you going to do?

So just hit reply and tell me what are you going to do to improve men's physical and psychological health? Other than watch the hilarious video above about moustaches.

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