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  • Tamar Balkin

Movember Is Ending So Shave That Mo, But Please Don't Let Go…

"Every pure intention ends when the good times start

Fallin' over everything to reach the first time's spark

It started under neon lights and then it all got dark

I only know how to go too far"

Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran (click here for the music)


Despite being able to climb on the couch,

Nala has a bad habit of waiting to be lifted into the car.


On the radio this morning I heard Dr Zac Seidler Clinical Psychologist, at Movember remind listeners that whilst it’s the last day of November, it’s essential to keep looking after the physical and psychological wellbeing of yourself and your friends all year round.

How do I maintain my new habits?

  • Take stock of your bad habits

  • Pick one thing that you want and actually can change

  • Click here for my blog on the benefits of changing one habit

  • Ensure that you are being honest with yourself and that it is a realistic and achievable change

  • Plan how and what exactly you will change

  • Identify who do you need support from to make the change and/or keep you accountable

  • Prepare for the inevitable slip up

  • Consider the factors that may lead to relapse

  • Click here for my my blog on the challenges of long term change.

Final thoughts

If you would like me to help you remain accountable, please email me either: the details of your goals; or just a request that I send you a follow up email in a few months to see how you are tracking.

As you know my leadership coaching is focused on enhancing leadership capabilities and wellbeing so please email if you would like to discuss how I can help you or others in your organisation.

Thank you to the team at Fit 1 for playing Ed Sheeran's song Bad Habits at gym this morning.

December and January are fondly called the silly season in Australia. So over the next few months challenge yourself to be silly in a way that is not only fun, but also improves your psychological and physical health.

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