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  • Tamar Balkin

Could Changing One Habit Make A Big Difference?

Over the last few days my inbox been filled with articles and blogs on the positive exponential impact of changing habits. So I thought I would still share with you two of the articles I have received:

1. How to Get 1% Better Every Day by James Clear. 2. How To Easily Build Good Habits: 4 Secrets From Research By Eric Barker

The main argument in the articles is that if you make little changes every day then over time the changes associated with the new behaviour will have an exponential impact. For example, something as simple as saying "Hello, how are you today? " to every member of your team, and allowing the few time to genuinely listen to their answers (see Celeste Headlee, for tips). Over time it is likely you will notice a strengthening of your relationships, a better understanding of what motivates them, what they are working on etc.

Making small changes to your habits can be seem really simple, sticking to them is much more complicated. Often we become despondent as it takes a while for the cumulative impact of any small changes to be evident to you and others. Here are 6 tips to remain motivated to make that change:

  1. Align the habit with the achievement of a personal or work goal

  2. Introduce Accountability. Tell a friend, colleague or email me

  3. Keep a record of when you practice the habit. Catch yourself getting it right, put a marble in a jar, keep a note in your diary

  4. What is The Key to Being More Productive? Look at your record and see how often you have practiced the habit; maybe draw a graph

  5. Get feedback on the impact of your new habit. Ask your peers, staff or trusted colleague if they have noticed a specific change in your behaviour. (See chapter 7 in Insight by Tasha Eurich for tips)

  6. Reward your success.

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