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  • Tamar Balkin

How Can You Create Better Moments In Work And Life?

Some readers may be aware, there have been some lovely milestones in my family, which were celebrated with much joy and fanfare. The challenge for us all is to take the "normal" events of life and work and make them more meaningful. To be a remarkable leader it is essential to be aware of when hand how you can elevate ordinary and make it extraordinary. My Celebrating Moments breakfast focused on many of the creative and innovative ideas from the book Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath as well as some real conundrums my clients experience when motivating their teams and building strong relationships with customers and stakeholders. Rather than try to give you the 25 words or less version of the book or the talk, I shall provide you with links to excellent resources explaining the key themes, and a few things you can try for yourself. Some great resources: 1. Short 5 minute youtube by Dan Heath on creating Peak Moments 2. Dan Pinks interview with Dan Heath on The power of moments in business, work, and life 3. Chip Heath explaining the Power of Moments with examples of financial impacts For those readers who want more, I highly recommend you buy the book. Things to try at work or home: 1. Take a moment and Think of your greatest achievement/most remarkable moment for 2018. a) Write it down b) Write down how it made you feel make this list of emotions as long as possible, (use the thesaurus if necessary). Allow your self to pause and re-experience the positivity connected to the remarkable moment, smile, laugh or jump for joy. 2. Take Chip Heath and Dan Heath's 7 Days of Memories challenge: Finally a big thank you to Evelyn Moolenburgh, without whom I would not have known about the Power of Moments, nor experienced so many fun and challenging moments in my professional life.

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