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Keeping The Sand Between Your Toes...

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

It’s been a long glorious summer here in Australia, and I hope you all had some time away from your desks to relax and refresh. February always marks to the beginning of the school year, and the realisation for all that there are and there are no public holidays till April. Most of you have the self-awareness to know what good habits enable you to switch off, to ensure you refresh and recharge. Unfortunately, as our lives get busier inevitably these good behaviours slip, the hustle lifestyle, as aptly described in by Erin Griffith, is becoming more prevalent. The temptation/ pressure to work has never been more apparent. As one client lamented yesterday, despite his desire to ensure maintained a balanced life in 2019, he noticed last week he was so focused on his to do list last that he was regularly working later. He was well aware that an extra hour a day was beginning to turn into two and before he knew it he was ordering in dinner at the office. Despite being an ambitious fellow and setting goals for 2019 that involved bringing new products to market and exceeding his results from 2018, he was well aware that if he just worked longer hours it was likely his concentration, mood, decision making and performance would start to decline. We all know that the best leaders can’t make good decisions, motivate and inspire their employees and stakeholders when they are running on empty. For those of you who are in leadership positions, think of the culture you are creating in your organisations, are you brave enough to be like Bob Glazer CEO of Acceleration Partners, a highly successful marketing, firm to create a culture that focuses on outcomes rather than busy work? Remember your staff will follow your example and thus as well as looking after your own well-being you are enhancing theirs. Whilst there is still a bit of sand between your toes and memories of holidays, try to plan how you will keep a bit of summer when you settle into your work routine. I am well aware that good psychological well being is more complex than altering a few habits. However, integrating a few realistic shifts to your weekly routine to bring memories of your holidays into your regular life is not only beneficial but lots of fun. Personally I can't travel back to the Ningaloo reef and swim with whale sharks, there are things on the list below that will evoke memories of summer:

  • Changing the screen saver on devices to a favourite holiday pic

  • Eating dinner at the beach or on the back verandah

  • Swiming

  • Sharing a workday lunch break in the sunshine with a friend

  • Reading novels

  • Walking to the local shops

  • Booking a weekend away

  • Bushwalking

  • Open air Movies

  • Volunteering

Remember to plan how you will keep up your new habit as work and life gets hectic and please be in touch if you want me to keep you accountable.

References: Bob Glazer: Building the Healthy and High-Performing Company. Ep 108. Work and Life with Stew Friedman in Podcasts. Morten Hansen: Do Less, Achieve More.. to find out what highly efficient successful people do. Ep 67. Work and Life with Stew Friedman in Podcasts.

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