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  • Tamar Balkin

What Was Fabulous About Your Summer Break?

"Many days fell away with nothing to show

And the walls kept tumbling down

In the city that we love

Grey clouds roll over the hills

Bringing darkness from above

But if you close your eyes

Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?

And if you close your eyes

Does it almost feel like you've been here before?

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?"

Pompeii by Bastille (click here to listen)


Personal photo of Nala enjoying the sand and sun


Whilst my tips at the end of 2021 were uncomplicated, (click here for the blog) I am well aware that for many people the summer break did not go according to plan. Regular readers would know that:

  • Proactively Seeking Out Positive Experiences can Improve Your Wellbeing (click here for the blog)

  • Savouring Moments can Enhance Our Wellbeing (click here for the blog)

  • There are wellbeing benefits to Making Hay While The Sun Shines (click here for the blog)

  • It is not naive to look for a silver lining in times of upheaval (click here for the blog)


"When anything bothers me and I am feeling unhappy..

I try to think of nice things"

Maria from the Sound of Music (click here to listen)


Click here to listen to "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music

Final thoughts:

Researchers have found that sharing, talking to a friend or the people around you about your positive experiences and the emotions you experienced, further generates more positive emotions for you.

So please email and tell me, what was fabulous about your summer break?



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