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  • Tamar Balkin

Can "Giving" To Others At Work Enhance Leadership Capability And Wellbeing?

"I'll give a little bit

I'll give a little bit of my life for you

So give a little bit

Give a little bit of your time to me"

Give a little bit By Supertramp (click here for the music)


“The greatest untapped source of motivation, .. is a sense of service to others”

Adam Grant

A willingness to help others achieve their goals lies at the heart of effective collaboration, innovation, quality improvement, and service excellence. The more ‘givers’ in an organisation the higher the profitability, productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Researchers have found that a giving supportive culture facilitates not only efficient problem solving, but also that attracts and retains top talent and loyal customers.

However, givers are overrepresented at both ends of the continuum of career success: they either excel and lead companies; or flounder and remain stagnant. Thus many people are weary of giving at work, in case they get it wrong.

To enhance the giving culture in your workplace, please click here to watch my youtube lesson called "The Art of Give and Take at work." It was an interactive session, so take the time, pause the video, do the activities and email me your work.

Click here to learn "The Art of Give and Take at work."

Finally because feedback is really useful please click here for the survey monkey and let me know your thoughts.



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