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  • Tamar Balkin

What Is The Elephant In Your Room And Why Are You Avoiding It?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Regular readers would be aware that we are better at appropriately deliberating about a difficult situation  when we  are in a calm emotional state. Therefore, I went down to Circular Quay to show you one of the most magnificent views in Sydney, to record this blog. 

I am mindful that the harbour was a bit noisy, so please here is an outline of the content. The question I pose for you today is why do we shy away from difficult topics? There are multitude of reasons ranging from: Too awkward  We forget  Too overwhelmed  Too shy  Too confronting  Too sensitive  Too superficial  Too simple Too ignorant  Too busy Too trivial  To onerous  Too political  Not safe Not my role Not my place. But what are these issues, what are these ‘elephants’ in the room that are not being discussed in our workplaces? Job security Poor boundaries Psychological safely Annual leave Poor performance Excellent performance Mental health The competition Conflict Incivility Poor job design Inadequate leadership Budgets and forecasts Allocation of work Recognition Customer complaints Customer praise Lack of feedback Excessive job demands However, when we ignore the “elephant in the room”, it becomes apparent, to paraphrase the eloquent words of  Hugh Mackay, we have allowed our priorities to be out of sync with our values. 

So please send me an email and tell me what is the elephant in your workplace and why are you avoiding it? 

References: more are available on request

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