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  • Tamar Balkin

Thank You For Your Support, I Hope You Have Learned Something Along The Way.


“If I fall I win every time I get up again

Hey yeah

'Cause I can't lose if I keep learning

I'm learning, learning (yeah)

I'm learning, learning

Let them shout from the bleachers

Every time I don't get it right (ooh yeah)

I know my failure is my teacher”

Learning by Jason Gray (Click here for the  song) 

I began blogging to document my professional growth, recognising it as an effective means to demonstrate to AHPRA, the regulatory authority, my commitment to completing the mandated 30 hours of professional development. Over time, I've come to appreciate the numerous advantages of sharing the science of human behaviour in the workplace with a broad audience. Through my light-hearted and practical blog, I aspire to contribute to making workplaces more enjoyable, challenging, and energising. Hopefully, I have also encouraged my readers to approach work and life with a critical mindset and to embrace lifelong learning.


"Take the time to really double down on learning, because that is what is going to keep us different (from) the machines" 

Vanessa Tancicien 


Some readers may be aware that in addition to my MailChimp, I post my blogs on Linked In (click here to connect) and my Balkin Coaching website (click here). Whilst my MailChimp gets the most engagement (average around 43% open rate) I thought I'd see what blogs were most popular on all three channels. 

Mailchimp (open rate)   

1. What is the vital role of the leader in reducing domestic violence? (click here

2. The Mature Worker: An Asset Or A Liability? (click here)  

3. What Is Appropriate Humour In The Workplace And Can It Improve Wellbeing? (click here)


1. Effective leaders know the secrets to managing emotion in the workplace (click here

2. What unexpected delightful moments did you have over the summer ?(click here

3. What is appropriate humour in the workplace and can it improve wellbeing? (click here

Website:(post views)

1. Is extraversion essential for leadership? (click here

2. Is it ever ok to give unsolicited advice? (click here

3. What is the impact of poor job fit on employee well-being? (click here

Although my analytics don't quantify my blog's practical impact on influencing reader behaviour,  the substantial engagement suggests you may have learnt a thing or two about enhancing leadership capability and well-being. Failing that you have simply enjoyed some music and pictures, mostly of my dog Nala.   For my music lovers I have added to my summer playlist so click here to listen of course, please send me your favourites so I can add them.

Nala looking cool in her Cancer Council sunnies.


In appreciation for your engagement and ongoing support, I've donated to the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organisation (ZDVO). Many are aware that ZDVO's top priority is to care for Israel’s 50,000 injured soldiers, victims of terror, and their families. This involves providing immediate physical and emotional support through hospital, shelter, and home visits to the injured and their families. The advanced rehabilitation centres offer PTSD programs, personalised psychological rehabilitation, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and individualised equipment such as wheelchairs, treatment beds, adaptive devices, and specialised fitness equipment. (For more details, click here.)

Wishing you all a happy New Year and a relaxing summer break. I look forward to reconnecting in 2024.


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